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Hot Corn Dip

In recent weeks, I have shared a few recipes from the Cookbook Club that I am a part of; it has been so much fun getting to visit with the other ladies and trying out new-to-me dishes.  I made this dip with a few modifications (as described below) for a birthday party get-together with family over the weekend, and it definitely gets a 10 on the Yum-O-Meter (if there was such a thing).

For the original recipe, click here.  (Note: I would copy and paste the recipe for you, but I always get heebie-jeebie about that from a copyright standpoint).

And now for the modifications that I made:
1) I skipped the roasting of the corn and simply used 1 quart-sized bag of freezer corn that Kyle and I had put up earlier in the week.  I did not measure the amount, but it was around 3 1/2 cups of corn.

2) For some added protein, add about 1 cup of canned/prepared black beans (drained) and/or 1 1/2 cups of cooked, shredded chicken or cooked ground meat of your choice (I used chorizo but ground beef, chicken, or turkey would also be great). 

3) I topped the dish with Colby Jack cheese, as I didn't have quite enough Monterey Jack cheese left.

4) If you did not want to serve it with tortilla chips (as suggested in the original recipe), adding crushed tortilla chips to the top would be tasty.  And, in my opinion, a garnish of sliced black olives or cilantro would also be delightful. 


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