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Hominy Casserole

If you tuned in to last week's newsletter, you may have read about the cook book club that I am a part of; for July, we used The Pioneer Woman's Come and Get It! book and let me tell ya, I have found several 'keepers' from it.  While I missed seeing this recipe for hominy casserole in time for our July potluck, it did catch my eye the second time reading through it.  I like hominy but have not had it in years.  Make that decades (wow, do I feel old all of a sudden!).  Anyways, I have several get-togethers with family and friends this week, so I thought I would give it a whirl. 

I mostly followed the recipe but did have a few minor changes: 1) I used thick-cut bacon, because that is what was in my fridge this morning, 2) I like to use kitchen shears to cut the uncooked bacon into small strips first and then pan-fry them on a low-heat setting.  This takes about 15-ish minutes, and I use tongs to move the pieces around every so often to prevent any burning. 3) I could not find a 30-oz can of hominy at the store, so I used 1 can of white and 1 can of yellow hominy (each 15.5 oz; I couldn't decide whether to go with the white or yellow, so I went with one of each), and 4) I was apparently distracted at the time of assembling the casserole and didn't see that I had left the bacon pieces out until after I had just added the bread crumbs (I used Panko) and cheese topping, soooo, I mixed the bacon and topping into the rest of the casserole and re-topped it with more Panko and cheese (I am thinking this could be a good thing!). 

I have it prepped it the fridge and will bake it a little before my get-together this evening.  Based on the small spoonful of mixture that I had, I think it is going to be supper yummy!

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