Thank you for a great Carmel Winter Farmers Market season! We will see you beginning on May 4th at the Carmel Farmers Market and the Fishers Farmers Market!

Beef and Noodles

An easy-to-prepare comfort food that can be made in a variety of is what we do:


  • Beef Roast--on special this week!
  • Noodles (homemade or store-bought--whichever you prefer)
  • Stock reserved from preparing the beef roast
  • Salt, pepper, and parsley


  1. Fill crock pot with around two inches of water, turn on 'high' and allow water to become hot (~30 minutes).
  2. Add frozen (or thawed) roast.  Cook for around 6 hours, or until the roast is done (it will be tender, to the point where it easily falls apart). If you are using a thawed roast, less cooking time will be needed; around 4 hours.
  3. Strain the liquid from the crock pot and transfer to a stock pot.  If needed, add water to the stock pot so that there is ample liquid for preparing the noodles, according to package directions.  Bring to a boil, add noodles, and cook until the noodles reach desired tenderness.
  4. While the noodles are cooking, trim fat from the roast and cut into bite-sized pieces.  Add to the pot of noodles and season with salt, pepper, and parsley as desired.
  5. Goes well with mashed potatoes and green beans.

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