You can find us every Saturday at the Carmel Farmers Market (8-11:30 a.m.) and the Fishers Farmers Market (8 a.m.-noon) through the end of September (with the only exception, the Fishers Farmers Market will be closed on 6/29 for the SPARK! festival)

Stoney Creek Creamery

Anyone who has met my husband knows that he loves cows. Really, really loves cows. He had cow posters on his walls in college (I still laugh at that one!), has cow shorts (even funnier!), a cow dress shirt with all of the dairy breeds on it (thanks to a dear vet school friend!), a cow blanket that I think he will want to be buried with, and more cow magazines and hats than should be allowed. He was raised on a dairy farm, works as a veterinarian on dairy farms, and has always had a dream of having his own dairy farm (more on that in a moment). I have often joked that he can relate any subject back to a cow in some way, shape, or form and he often jokes that he has milk running through his veins.

Each week at the farmers market, we are asked by at least one customer if we have milk to offer and our reply has always been, “Not yet, but we someday hope to…”.  That ‘someday’ was originally penciled in for the year 2020 (which on Becker Farms time, is really more like 2022); however, we have been spurred on by the interest of a young lady who also shares Kyle’s dairy passion and we’ve been hard at work trying to make our Stoney Creek Creamery (SSC) vision become a reality in the fall of 2017. 

Unfortunately, we did not achieve our goal of having the dairy operational by Fall 2017 but we continue to make strides and currently have herd shares to offer

In order to not take on additional commercial loans to add this element to our farm, we are hopeful that some of our customers will come alongside of us by making an investment to help fund the dairy. We have outlined our SCC Background and Vision for how this would work and accompanying SCC Investor Contract.

We are excited for this next adventure on our farm; we welcome your feedback and appreciate your support of small, family-operated farms like ours.