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This Saturday's Specials (9/23)

Beef Shanks/Soup Bones: $3.50/lb

Pork Patties: $5.50/lb

Tomato-Basil Chicken Sausage: $8.50/lb

September Freezer Blow-Out Sale

Stock up with our September Freezer Blow-Out Sale!  Eligible Items will be on a "Buy any two items, receive a third item free" sale. (please note: items can be mix-and-matched with the free item will be whichever is the lowest cost) through the end of the month (unless any items are sold out before then). We will pack extras of these items for the farmers market, but if you know of specific items/quantities that you want, please let us know by placing a pre-order!

Eligible Items

The following products are eligible for our September Freezer Blow-Out sale: Beef Rib Roast, Chorizo, Plain Ground Turkey, Turkey Breasts, Chicken Frames (great for making stock), Fresh Ham Steaks (these are a 'blank slate'; you will want to brine/season to your liking), Bacon Burger Patties, and Chicken Drumsticks

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