Now taking Thanksgiving turkey orders!

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Make Becker Farms a part of your holiday gatherings by serving one of our fresh, flavorful, pasture-raised turkeys to your family and friends

Our turkeys enjoy:

  • A life spent outdoors on pasture and a nutrient-dense, non-GMO diet
  • A low-stress environment with ample room to actively graze and roam
  • An antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free existence

 Details to Keep in Mind:

  • Turkey cuts are available frozen; whole turkeys are available fresh (never frozen).
  • With the exception of On-Farm pick-up (which will be by appointment), the pick-up date will be Saturday, November 17th. If you will be picking up at one of the farmers market locations, the time frame will be during the regular market hours (please note: it helps immensely if you can come within the first hour of the market).  For the Bloomington-area pick-up the time frame will be approximately 4 p.m. 
  • Two options are available for payment with the whole turkeys--either paying a $30 deposit to confirm your order for each turkey (with the balance to be paid at the time of pick-up) -or- pay the full amount now (and nothing at the time of pick-up). 
  • Turkey breasts and turkey cuts require a deposit, with the balance due required at the time of pick-up.  Please understand that we will not be able to provide an exact total for any items priced by the pound until the time of pick-up, as we will not have the items back from processing until just before the pick-up date.
  • Orders are due no later than November 15th. 

Update: 11/15/18--We are SOLD OUT of medium and large turkeys and sweetheart breasts.  We have plenty of birds left in the 15-16 lb range as well as the other turkey cuts (drumsticks, wings, necks, and boneless/skinless breasts).


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