Stewing Hens
When at the farmers market, we are often either asked, “Do you have any stewing hens?” or “What do you do with a stewing hen?”  Below are our responses in case you are wanting to know the answer to one (or both) of these questions: 

1) Yes, we do offer stewing hens.  We typically sell them at a flat rate of $7.50 and they range in weight between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds.  This week, as you will see below, they are on special for $5, as this is a great time of year to make stock and comfort-foods.
2) Because stewing hens (hens who are no longer producing eggs) are older birds (compared to our broilers, which are our meat birds), they do work best in dishes when the meat can be slow-cooked, to avoid any toughness or stringiness.  As a result, a stewing hen is ideal for making stock, chicken and dumplings (seemingly the most popular dish that our customers seeking out a stewing hen use it for), but also for soups, stews, and even pot pies.  For many of our customers, a stewing hen takes them down memory lane, as they fondly remember a from-scratch  meal prepared by their grandma (or other loved one).

What is a Stewing Hen?
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