At the farmers market, we often get asked, “What is a good way to make [fill in the blank…]?”.  And while I am certainly not a chef, I have prepared essentially everything that we offer many, many times for my family (liver may the exception to that!) so I try to pass along tips and recipe ideas that will hopefully yield a desirable end-result for our customers to enjoy.  This week, pinky links are on special, so I thought I would share I how typically prepare them. 

1. Place a small amount of water in a skillet (enough to just-cover the bottom) and heat over medium.  Using kitchen shears, cut the links apart and add to the skillet.  Cover with a lid and continuing cooking over medium-heat for about 7-8 minutes.
2. When the links are mostly done, remove lid and drain off any excess water.  Add a small amount of oil and continue cooking for a few minutes, turning the links occasionally, to allow a light golden-brown color to develop.
3. Serve with your favorite breakfast foods…typically eggs and pancakes in our home!  Enjoy!

How to Prepare Pinky Links
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