HenAbout Our Poultry and Ducks

  • We purchase all of our chicks (broilers, hens, and turkeys) and ducklings from a high-quality hatchery that specializes in pastured-poultry and duck breeds. The chicks and ducklings spend their first two to three weeks on our farm in the brooder room (which functions as a nursery) and then are transferred to pasture.
  • The birds live in mobile huts that are moved regularly to new pasture, which provides shelter and protection from the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.). We limit-feed a diet (consisting of GMO-free roasted soybeans and corn, canola, field peas, sunflower, Arcadian sea kelp, oyster shell, sea salt, yeast and probiotics, and vitamins and minerals) and place it far from their huts to promote grazing and an active lifestyle.
  • We work with two quality, small-scale poultry processors that adhere to humane processing practices.

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