Order your holiday ham or turkey breast

Holiday Season Turkeys and Hams

Make Becker Farms a part of your upcoming holiday gatherings by serving one of our flavorful, pasture-raised turkey breasts or hams

We will have turkey breasts and half-size boneless hams available on a first-come, first-served basis (our apologies...the whole boneless and half-size bone-in hams are already sold out!).

Our livestock enjoy:

  • A life spent outdoors on pasture and a nutrient-dense, non-GMO diet
  • A low-stress environment with ample room to actively graze and roam
  • An antibiotic-free, growth hormone-free existence

A $30 deposit is required to confirm your order for each turkey breast or ham that you order.  The balance due will be required at the time of pick-up.  Please understand that we will not be able to provide an exact total for any items priced by the pound until the time of pick-up, as we will not have these items back from processing until just before the pick-up date.


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